Diva 1 hits up critics… I am the only dancehall goddess in NR

Source:Savannanews24.com/Abdul Ganiwu Tiyumba:

The Sexy don-diva in the northern music industry Muazu Suraiya popularly known as Diva 1 said she has no problem with people who wants to idolize her by copying her style of music.

Diva 1 said, it’s a good to thing to have people wanting to be like you.

The sexy Ghanaian afropop and dancehall queen based in Tamale who was reacting to news circulating on social media that suggested she is beefing an upcoming female artiste in Tamale, who sings like her, reiterated that, she has no idea who sings like her.

The Northern dancehall queen on her Facebook page said she can’t remember ever making a comment of that sort and that she doesn’t even know the lady in question and wondered why she will be beefing with someone she has never heard.

She wrote on her page: “Lol…very funny! I can’t remember ever making a comment about someone copying me in the industry, i don’t even know you even if i do i don’t realize u are an art self so why would i mention? Any way that’s the industry could be good for ya brand…..”










Speaking to Savannanews24.com in a telephone interview,  Diva One said she don’t even know the lady and she has never seen her performance not even once how then will she know she is copying her.

Diva 1 known to be one of the hottest performer said she doesn’t even how she herself perform on stage but what she know is she always try to give out her best to her fans.

She added ” because of the way i perform on stage i hear rumors that i take drugs before climbing on which is not true, anyway that’s the industry”.

Diva 1 on stage
Diva 1 on stage








Diva 1 hinted that, she welcome any female artiste into the music industry, saying that, it looks like she is the only female dancehall artiste in the region and that she want to see competition in the industry.

Savannanews24.com is still investigating to find out the said upcoming female dancehall artiste.

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