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The Regent of Dagbon
The Regent of Dagbon
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Dagbon Declines Request of the Nayiri to Cede Chereponi for the Creation of North East Region Addo:

The Dagbon Traditional Council today has declined the request of the Nayiri to cede Chereponi for the creation of the North East Region.

The Acting President of the Dagbon Traditional Council, Kampakuya Naa Andani Yakubu Abdulai today convened an extraordinary meeting of the Dagbon Traditional Council at Tamale to deliberate on a special request from His Majesty the Nayiri, Naa Bohagu Mahami Abdulai Sheriga, President of the Mamprugu Traditional Council and Overlord of Mamprugu.

In a press statement issued and copied to the by the Dagbon Traditional Council, the council declined the request of the Nayiri, stating that a critical examination of the cultural, historical and geopolitical implications of the request is not suitable for the Dagbon Traditional Council to support it.

The council however renewed its support for the wish of the Mampurugu to have a new region.

The Dagbon Traditional Council has noted that the request comes after the Electoral Commission and the Northern Regional Security Council used their coercive force of the state in Chereponi.

The council explained that this was done in the form of deploying over 1oo armed police officers to cow the people of Chereponi into submitting to an undemocratic process in order to be stampeded into the proposed North East Region.

The Dagbon Traditional Council re-echoed its December 23, 2017 Resolution not to cede any part of Dagbon for the creation of new regions. The DTC said Dagbon cannot betray Chereponi by agreeing to cede it to the future North East Region.

The Council stated that “Dagbon may have its internal challenges, but the cohesion and integrity of the Kingdom remain resolutely un-negotiable. Every Prince and Principality has the unalloyed responsibility of defending the kingdom against dismemberment. It was in the spirit of this sentiment that the Council resolved to re-state its December 23, 2017 resolution of one Dagbon in one Region, under the jurisdiction of one Regional House of Chiefs”

The Chiefs and people of Chereponi used the occasion to express appreciation for the solidarity of the Dagbon Traditional Council.

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