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Coronavirus: Muslim Leaders suspends daily and Friday congregational prayers in Northern Region

Source:savannanews24.com:Hamza Lansah Lolly 

Muslims Leaders in the Northern Region have suspended daily and Friday Congregational prayers as part of measures to deal with the deadly corona virus pandemic.

The resolution was reached at the Tamale Central Mosque, on Wednesday 2020 with representatives of all Islamic sect in the region.

The decision also follows the directive of the President of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to ban all public gathering echoed by the National Muslim Chief Imam Sheikh Sharabutu to the Muslim ummah.

Secretary to the Chief Imam of Northern region, Sheikh Gazale after the meeting with the Islamic scholars that, the decision is in line with the teachings of the holy prophet.

He narrated that, the prophet once directed Muslims to pray at home, when calamity engulfs the city of Mecca.

“During the time of the prophet, there was heavy rain and strong wind in Saudi Arabia, the prophet directed everyone to pray in the house, this is the same reason why Muslims should respect the directives of the president by not gathering at one particular place during this period”

He said, the mosque leadership cannot control the usual Friday’s large crown, so it’s imperative to adhere to the president directives in order to prevent the deadly virus.

He revealed that the various mosques in the region will be observing special prayers for Allah’s mercy against the coronavirus.

Sheikh Gazale, therefore, appealed to Muslims to be circumspect during the five daily prayer’s.

The Masjidul Bayaan Mosque led by a renowned Muslim Scholar, Sheikh Bayaan Basha in a release to its followers and the general public suspends daily and Friday congregational prayers amidst the global wild spread of the pandemic covid-19. “Though the call to prayer shall continue in the Masjid but every individual is expected to observe the prayer in his/her abode”.

This according to Sheikh Bayaan it is in line with the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad, (peace and blessings be upon him) who said “Sick camels should not be put with healthy camels.” [Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim], and because he (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said, “If you hear of the outbreak of a plague in a land, do not enter it; and if it breaks out in a land in which you are, do not leave it.” [Bukhari and Muslim].

Sheikh Bayaan admonished the general public, especially the Muslim ummah to adher to this directive in other for Allah to protect “us” against the covid-19.

The Chief Imam of the Bayaan Institute, advises everyone to follow the instructions, guidelines and protocols issued by the specialized bodies.

He also urged everyone to fear Allah, the Most Mighty and Exalted, and to turn to him in supplication and humility, and ask Him to grant relief from this tribulation.


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