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Blay Represents stability and peace in the NPP


The next national chairman of the NPP should be one who is ready and willing to work with the Flagbearer or President. A national chairman who goes into the contest with the message that they want to keep the party so that the President will keep his government will surely be extremely dangerous to the party. The relationship between the party and government must be cordial for good governance and good party operation.
A national chairman must be a secret keeper and one who can be trusted. A person who will not go to the market square with exclusive secrets. Freddie Blay will be very best for the NPP.
May I use this opportunity to call on the delegates to the impending national congress to go for Blay on July 7. In Blay we trust. In Blay we had victory in 2016 and in Blay the party can remain focused for victory in 2020. Freddie Blay has the experience of winning Presidential election for the NPP and we need the strategies he deployed to win power for the party in the last election to be activated for victory in 2020.
His experience as an MP, leader of Parliament and a successful businessman can all be combined for victory and consolidation of the structures of the party for proper party organisation at all levels of the party. How can we change the driver who drove us through turbulence to victory? Why change a winner? Why change someone who is already working effectively with all structures of the party and understands the good relationship between party and government? Why change someone who is not looking for power to fight the structures? Why change Blay for someone who is racing against time and anxious to get power to victimise people? Why vote for someone who is already holding secret meetings with others to discuss succession of the President rather than be interested in helping the President to deliver on his promises and policies for the betterment of all? Why vote for someone who has diviciveness as his key campaign message?
Blay has done it and will continue to do it for the NPP. You dont change someone who has a solid strategy about party resourcing and funding and through that instrumentality brought for the party 275 buses aimed at making the party sound financially in every constituency? In Blay we should trust and in Blay lies peace, stability and victory in the NPP. Go for Blay go for stability on July 7.

Akilu Sayibu
Tamale North


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