Blackmailing gang expose!

Source: Lansah Lolly


Information gathered by has revealed that the police in the Northern Region have zoomed into action against a cartel of young men and women who have been engaging in acts of blackmailing important personalities in the country.

This group of people, based in the Northern Regional capital, Tamale has accomplices in Accra and some parts of the country that help them in their dastardly acts.

Some of their victims include politicians, business executives, bankers, chiefs, rich businessmen and other wealthy individuals in the country.

Many prominent people in the Ghanaian society has fallen victim to these blackmailing cartels.

Their modus operandi is to use very attractive ladies to get acquaintances with prominent people in the society, especially politicians, ensnared them and have their devilish acts.

These blackmailing cartels are dotted around the country uses spell and a charms to lured their victims. They also wield dangerous weapons and other sophisticated recording devices in their operations.

Our sources revealed that, the police in Tamale following up on a reported activity of the group, arrested three persons and retrieved sophisticated equipments including video recorder, camera, and other equipments used in blackmailing their victims.

According to the information, one lady (currently under police investigation) believes to be the leader of the group was circulating some pictures across to some of her victims who they succeeded in luring under threat and demanding huge sums of money from them or risk spreading the said nude pictures on social media.

Luck however alluded them when they try to frailed a Minister in the region. The Minister alerted the police and upon a tipoff they were arrested by the police.

They have since been released on bailed but under police investigations.

It is however not clear as what charges the police preferred on them.

The Tamale police seized their laptop and phones and have discovered uncanny and nude pictures of well-known prominent people, mostly political bigwigs from all the political devide.

Also sex video clips of their victims were found on the lady’s phone (currently under investigations).

It has also emerged that the said gang has been blackmailing people after threatening them at gun and knife point and forcing them to strip naked whiles they record and take photographs of them.

Our investigations have also revealed that, the blackmailing gang is made of five persons including the lady living within the Tamale metropolis.


Meanwhile, the family of the said lady (currently under investigations), who could not believe their daughter is involved in such a criminal activity within the Region, are in talks and pleading with the Minister to have pity on their  daughter.

Unfolding the truth….


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