Aeryus blockchain payments to be launch in Ghana Ganiw:

Aeryus chain-payment- the first complete transnational system for digital currencies- will be unveiled in Ghana on March 6, 2019, as part of the 62nd celebration of Ghana independence. The presentation will be part of the festivities in Tamale, the fattest-growing city in West Africa and the capital town of the northern region of Ghana.
The annual holiday will be observed for the first time outside the capital of Accra, with a national parade and other celebrations.
“Tamale was chosen for this first-time honor to spotlight the enormous economic opportunity in the northern region,” said Abdul Rauf, the aeryus representative in Africa, “and aeryus chain-payments will play a significant role in the region’s future. This innovation will create financial opportunities for people here who want to make investments, own business, and conduct trade.”
The event will bring together national dignitaries, diplomats, businessmen and women, and youth groups from across the country, and will provide a forum for them to learn how digitization can enhance the economy of Ghana.
“aeryus has already been active in the community, developing a women empowerment and humanitarian movement to spur local business and individual independence” said Abdul Rauf. “aeryus chain-payments will enhance our economic outlook by giving individuals and business full control of their funds.”

Aeryus uses a simple minimal-click smart phone interface in powering chain-payments to send and receive digital currencies. With the app on your cell phone, you can send any digital funds to anyone in your contact list, and soon in stores that have enabled it on their payment terminals. Ultimately, aeryus apps will power payment and transnational systems across the web
“We’re enormously proud of the work Abdul Rauf has done in Ghana to set the stage for this debut” said Nicholus Andrews, the CEO and founder of aeryus. “ while aeryus chain-payments will be an important tool here in the west to safeguard accounts, prevent counterfeiting, guard your personal identity and allow for almost instantaneous funds transfers, it will play an even more vital role in the economies of the nations where traditional banks are either scarce or inaccessible, but everyone has a mobile phone”
According to Abdul Rauf, the youth in Ghana already use digital currency almost daily, and fore currency traders are more eagely adopting digital currencies.
Because aeryus chain-payments work with any digital currency a user might own, it can simplify and speed up any transaction, even when trading partners hold different currencies.
“The northern region is already one site selected by the government for its pilot LEAP program, where stipends are sent to people who need a little assistance,” said Abdul Rauf. “We want to show our officials how much faster, safer, and less expensive it will be to send those funds with the aeryus app. As well as introduce this innovation to businesses so they can learn about its efficiency and effectiveness”
The aeryus chain-payments app is the first product to officially launch from the parents company, and will be followed later this year by the other releases that use blockchain to safeguard transaction record and store receipts, protect copyright, and guard vendors from theft and pirating.
“Ghana was the first nation in Africa to declare its independence from colonial powers,” said Nicholus Andrews. “We can’t think of a better way to commemorate that than by offering its people away to independently control their financial lives.”
Aeryus is a blockchain solutions company, whose flagship product, aeryus chain-payments, is the first complete, blockchain transnational network, for digital currencies. It allows instantaneous payments in any digital currency between users in a peer to peer, b2c, b2b, or G2B use case. The Aeryus two-coin system creates a permanent receipt of the transaction, and is safe, secure, and borderlines.

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