A tribute poem to Lynched Capt Maxwell by Poet Mensah Atta Francis

~ The Last 21 Gun Salute To The Soldier ~

Born from zero now to hero
Crawl from ground now walk on stones
I fed from the breast of a woman now eat with my hands

The night drown to wash away our day smile
The moon lost as the star fall

I can only hear the song of birds
Full of sorrow
I can feel the cold wind
Full of ice
I can feel the heart beat of a lion
Full of pain


His soul is covered with it shadow of sadness with sorrow
The truth turns to lies, as you drop your gun with silent


The seed is lost
The tree is broken
The home is empty filed with pieces with tears

Now here is your respect
The twentyone gun shots, showing your innocency
The first ten tells us you are gone but you forever remain
The last eleven speaks your life you lay for your nation

Let your journey be a sing of love with humanity
Let your lose be the teaching of love
Your life was taken but you speak not to trust human

We all bow with tears
We all ask million of questions but you lay lifeless without answer
Now you tell us we shall meet when we all take the bus of death

Let lower of heart for the lion is gone
Grant him your time for he was in need of your help but you lift him helpless


My words are chain with sadness, my soul still weep when my eye set on your lifeless body
I sing with my 21 gun shots
Salute the hero for you are a true warrior to my heart


To the hero who lay his life for his people major captain Maxwell Adam Mahama… My you rest in the cold heart of our creator till we meet again on the next journey

By: Mensah Atta Francis

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