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A non-performing MCE is better than no MCE- Former Northern Regional Minister hints

Source:Savannanews24.com/Mashud Issifu- Walewale:

The former Northern Regional Minister and the NDC 2020 parliamentary candidate for Walewale Hon. Abubakari Abdallah the immediate past northern regional minister who is the NDC parliamentary candidate for the Walewale has lamented over absence of Municipal Chief Executive for the Walewale Municipal Assembly to supervise the development in the area. He was of the view that, development can only come when there is head at the Assembly, reiterating that, “a non-performing MCE is better than a no MCE”.

He added that, the absence of an MCE in the Municipality is adversely exacerbating the already appalling lack of development in the area under their helpless watch.

West Mamprusi Municipality for some time now doesn’t have an MCE following his clandestine dismissal by the President, Nana Akufo-Addo. According to DailyGuideNetwork (DGN) on its 9thNovember 2019 online publication in reference to its source, reported that Hon. Abu Mohammed’s dismissal was occasioned by the MCE’s “inefficiency and his poor relationship with leadership   and party supporters of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the North East Region”.

Mr. Abdallah observed that the tag of inefficiency placed on the dismissed MCE is a wide spread inherent attribute of the H.E Nana Addo’s and Bawumia’s Government and the abysmal pace of development in the West Mamprusi Municipality is not due to the exclusive inefficiency of the MCE. Mr. Abdallah asserted that sacking an MCE after the dissolution   of the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies is a thoughtless show of power with absolute disregard for the adverse ramifications for the proper functioning of the Municipality Assembly. “The timing of the dismissal is equally an incompetent act engendered by the inefficiencies of the President, the veep and the Minister of local government. Isn’t absurd that an MCE is accused and punished for nonperformance in a vice president’s constituency?  My Brother the VEEP must be reminded of the mampruli adage, to with “when a goat barks at a stranger in the presence of a dog, it is shame for the idling dog”.   The MCE dismissal dismissal is a case of plucking a low hanging fruit for severe want of reasonable excuses for the deplorable pace of development in the Municipality”.

Commenting on the alleged poor relationship of the dismissed MCE with members and leaders of the NPP,  Mr. Abdallah exhorts the Vice President to learn, apply and show effective leadership to avert the NPP’s intra-party wrangling in order not to further retard the already abysmal pace of government in the municipality, witness under his leadership. “In fact, the dismissed MCE is only an innocent sacrificial scapegoat hanged to save the face of a failing Vice President”.


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