Source :Savannanews24.com /Abdul Ganiwu Tiyumba Frozen
The guy you DON’T like, hits you up first everyday, tells you good
morning & good night, talks to you throughout the whole day, pays
attention to you & the little details, asks you to chill all the time, tries to flirt with you to make you smile & shows you that he cares even
when you don’t.
The guy you DO like, you have to hit him up first, doesn’t leave you a text to read when you wake up, sends you late replies the entire day, he’s distracted by other things when you try to talk to him, you wanna chill with him but he’d rather be with his friends, he doesn’t flirt back & you show him you care when he doesn’t.

Ladies think wisely, know that what matter in this life is where ur happiness is from. No matter what u do the guy will never see u even if he said he is gonna give u time then it’s going to be for different reason not Real Love.

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