A contractor abandoned our 2 storey hostel GETFUND project – Kalpohin SHS Headmaster

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The Headmaster of Kalpohin Senior High School, Chief Togulana Mahama Andani has lamented on the abandonment of a 12 unit 2-storey hostel accommodation GETFUND project for the school by a contractor.
According to him, the construction of the 2-storey hostel accommodation which starts in 2012 by the Chentiwuni Construction Limited is still on the foundation level.

A situation he said has result a serious congestion in the school where authorities have to provide improvised accommodation for students.







A media report on Tuesday shows a glaring picture of some students of the school sleeping on verandas, classrooms and Mosque due to lack of accommodation facilities.

Belongings of students including bags, books, chop-boxes and other valuable students’ items were also seen outside.

In an exclusive interviewed, the Headmaster of the School, Chief Togulana Mahama Andani said, the school for the past three years have been grappling with the congestion issued, reiterated that, the situation is as a result of the abandonment of the 2-storey hostel accommodation by the contractor.

“We have made this known to the authorities, the GES and the political authority and that’s why an approval was given by the Sagnarigu District Assembly in 2012 for 12 unit 2 storey structure (structure two) to be constructed for us to ease the problems of congestion but regrettably as I speak with you right now the project is still under foundation level”. He said

Chief Togulana Mahama hinted that, the school did not even know the cost of the project or document of the contract except the supervisor of the project, Architectural Engineering Service Limited (AESL).

He said, authorities of the school have tried on several occasions to meet with the contractor (Chentiwuni Construction Limited) but unfortunately all their attempts were unsuccessful as he (Contractor) never answers his calls.







The Headmaster however revealed that, some months ago the PTA Chairman of the School met with the Contractor after which the Contractor brought about 4 trips of sand to the school and later disappeared without a trace.

The Kalpohin Senior High School Headmaster said, he has since made a complained to the Sagnarigu District Assembly through the Honourable DCE, Hon Iddrisu Mariam to look into the issue and find a solution to it.

The media reported that, students have been exposed to insanitary conditions and bad weather but the Headmaster debunked that assertion saying the story has been exaggerated.

Sagnarigu DCE and her entourage accessing the situation
Sagnarigu DCE and her entourage accessing the situation







According to him, though the report has brought to fore some of the challenges facing the school however the news report was an exaggeration, adding that, the news item depicted a hopeless situation as if authorities of the school are doing nothing about it.

“In fact this school is not without difficulty but we don t have sanitation problems in the school, we don’t have gutters on campus, and our school is not a big place…so sanitary conditions are well considered and well protected to the extent that on daily basis the students clean their dormitories and plots”.  He said

The news report also attributed the influx of blood-sucking insects called bedbugs to overcrowding at the dormitories.

Chief Togulana Mahama said, the school had plans to fumigate all dormitories of the school but quick to add that the Sagnarigu District Assembly has already promised to get Zoomlion disinfect the insects this Saturday.

Currently, some year one students have no furniture but have to either rely on their friends or sit on benches. Three students were pared on one furniture making teaching and learning very difficult.

The Headmaster hinted that, the school has huge furniture deficit but very optimistic that, after discussion with the DCE of the area, Hon Iddrisu Mariam the problem will be solved sooner than later.

Hon Iddrisu Mariam who visited the school to ascertained the situation said, the congestion and invasion of bedbugs is not as a result of the free Senior High school policy as the reports seems to suggest.

She said, congestion is a perennially problem facing the school but the assembly is working hard to salvage the situation, noting that, she has already liaised with the Education Ministry and GETFUND to continue the abandoned hostel project and to provide a new accommodation block for school.

Hon Mariam promises to fumigate the dormitories and also provide furniture for the school to enhance quality teaching and learning.

She said, all the Senior High Schools within the district including Tamale Senior High, Northern School of Business, Business Senior High and Kalpohin Senior High Schools are battling with the influx of bedbugs in their dormitories.

“It is not only Kalpohin Senior High school that has been bedeviled with this insects but all the schools, So we are going to fumigate all the schools to ensure that students live safely in their dormitories”

The Sagnarigu DCE said, the Assembly in collaboration with Zoomlion will carried the fumigation exercise this week.

The DCE was accompanied by the Coordinating Director, District Education Director, District Environmental Health Officer, Education Committee Chairman and Assemblyman for the area.








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