Source: Savannanews24.com/Abdul Ganiwu Tiyumba Frozen:
Most relationship break up because most guys don’t know how to make their ladies get they orgasm. It’s very important during sex for a woman to get her orgasm, it makes her feel real and she always believe in u. Below are points to know when a lady get her orgasm

1. She will hold you tight with both hands and even try to kiss you severally

2. She will raise her legs and spread them wide.

3. She will relax her bones and probably start squeezing your dick with the walls of her vagina

4. She will start crying,and making funny noise such as ah, ah ahaa, ouch, waaaaaaa. She experiences flashes all over her body…

5. The walls of her vagina becomes soft and spongy. Her clitory becomes so erect, swollen, big…then suddenly gets small or dissapears under the clitoral hood.

6. Her boobs become fully filled and the nipples becomes hard.

7. Her heart start beating very fast and she starts breathing fast also.

8. She becomes so wet…..some who squirt will even wet the sheets!!

9. She might use her nails to scratch your back or tear your clothes.

10. When she cums she feels very weak, shakey, sleepy and sleeps soon after.

Now you know!!


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